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Flowers for donald


Flowers for donald is a series of digital collage work begun in the days following the 2016 U.S. election. The work borrows the symbolic potency of flowers to act as anchor points of protest, memorial, and reflexive connotations of enduring beauty within the traditions of art history. The series is designed to challenge the role and function of art itself in politically turbulent times and borrows from early century European Dadaist strategies of appropriation, collage, and aesthetics of absurdity to reflect instability in political and media environments.

Flowers for donald #18 (a nice day [with some fruit])

Flowers for donald #13 (artificial flowers [with power tie])

Flowers for donald #16 (press room [with sponsored content])

Flowers for donald #20 (channel surfing [with a flock of birds and some good dogs])

Flowers for donald #21 (talent show [in 3-d])

Flowers for donald #23 (reactions [with racism])

Flowers for donald and Countries Glorious, 2018. Edition of 150 - 70pp- 30 images.

CO-OPt Gallery, Lubbock, TX.

Deutsche Borse Cube, Frankfurt, Germany

Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, NY

Asama International Photography Festival, Miyota, Japan

Edition Information

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Archival ink jet prints on Moab Exhibition Luster 300

11 x 17", edition of 10 with 2 APs.

20 x 24", edition of 5 with 2 APs.

30 x 36", edition of 3 with 2 APs.

2019. Flowers for donald and Countries Glorious. CO-OPt Gallery. Lubbock, TX.

2019.Photo Miyota. Asama International Photo Festival. Miyota, Japan.

2019. Foam Talent. Deutsche Borse,Deutsche Börse AG, The Cube, Frankfurt, Germany.

2019. Foam Talent, Beaconsfield Gallery, London.

2019. Delirium: 3 Visions. Redline Contemporary. Denver, CO.

2019. Foam Talent, Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, NY.

2019. Foam Talent. Foam Next Door, Amsterdam.

2018. CURRENTS New Media Festival. Santa Fe, NM.
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