Gregory Eddi Jones

Flowers for donald and Countries Glorious (Artist's Edition)
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Flowers for donald and Countries Glorious (Artist's Edition)

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Flowers for donald and Countries Glorious, by Gregory Eddi Jones

- 2nd edition (artist's edition [American edition]).

Publication date: December 2018

Edition size: 150 copies

Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.75 in

Page count: 70 pp

Plate count: 30 Color and B&W images

Perfect Bound

ISBN: 978-0-9967086-2-3

Afterword, Countries Glorious, by Donald J. Trump and Gregory Eddi Jones

Printed by Conveyor Studios, Jersey City, NJ.

About the Book

Flowers for donald and countries glorious is a new artists' edition which follows up on the original publication of Flowers for donald by Urbanautica Institute in Spring 2018.

Upon completion of a crowdfunding campaign, the original 1st edition was sold out.  The majority of copies in the edition were shipped to the United States in May 2018, where they mysteriously disappeared upon reaching U.S. Customs. Every effort to locate the parcel has come up short, and we have yet to receive an explanation from government officials on the presumed seizure of the books. 

This new American edition will be printed in the United States as an expanded volume containing 8 new images and a new design. American contributors to the original fundraising campaign who are still waiting to receive the original book will receive a free copy of this new edition. 


"Perhaps 'Flowers for donald' beckons us to look a little closer. What is the role of art when the world around us is absolutely turbulent? What is reflected back at us when we make art under conditions of unignorable political circumstances? 'Flowers for donald' utilizes a classic art motif to start to unpack these questions."

--- Digital America


"While Jones' convictions are unavoidable, his tools extend beyond didacticism, nodding equally to the history of still life as they do to his political intents."

---Jon Feinstein


"Thank you for contacting the White House. We are carefully reviewing your message.

President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved. President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.


The Office of Presidential Correspondence

---The Office of Presidential Correspondence


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