Project introduction

Among the most prominent and longstanding events that have taken place in the years after 9/11 is the “War in Afghanistan.” Operations began near the end of 2001, and although the official combat mission ended in late 2014, the United States continues to perform military missions throughout the country's provinces. I was in 10th grade when operations began, and through high school, college and graduate school, the war has maintained a steady hum in the background throughout my adult life.

After Afghanistan describes a state of looking back at the event as it can be understood through the prisms of media reportage. Each image propagates archetypes of people and landscapes that have visually defined the war under consistent media exposure. Through digital composite, printing and ink-transfer techniques, the images in this series have undergone information loss and standardization, which both indicate the nature of mediated information derived from the mass production of images. This body of work is a testament not to my personal understanding and experience of the War in Afghanistan, but of the forces that have governed the information I have received about it.

These works are composite photographs which were ink-transferred to multi media paper, scanned, and re-printed on archival rag photo paper.

Edition information

Giclée prints on Moab Lasal Matte, 18in x 24in

Edition forthcoming

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