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Project introduction

The myth of Narcissus is a story of a man so in love with his own image he rejected the love of all others, ultimately leading to his demise. In the age of the internet and mobile photography, the selfie represents a current manifestation of this myth. 

The smartphone acts as a mobile reflection pond through which we gaze at ourselves, and the act of uploading selfies to the internet invites web users around the world to gaze with us. It is through these actions that we ask for admiration, popularity and fame, so that we may continue to gaze at, ourselves with an ever increasing love.

These images are sourced from Tumblr erotica blogs and re-authored according to Tenebrist aesthetics pioneered by Caravaggio in his painting, Narcissus (1597-1599).

Edition information

Giclée prints on Moab Lasal Photo Gloss. 40in x 32in 

Edition Forthcoming.


Feature: Saint Lucy

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